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Extra practice conditionals- Key


3. would take

4. refused

5. wouldn’t get

6. closed down

7. pressed

8. would be

9. didn’t come

10. borrowed

11. walked

12. would understand


2. What would you do if your car was stolen?

3. What would you do if you lost your passport?

4. What would you do if there was a fire in the building?


2. If he took the examination, he would fail.

3. If we stayed at a hotel it would cost much money.

4. If she applied for the job she wouldn’t get it.

5. No. If we told them the truth they wouldn’t believe us.

6.If we invited him we would have to invite his friends, too.


Second conditional answers.


3. I would help you if I could, but I’m afraif I can’t.

4. We would need a car if we lived in the country.

5. If we had the choice, we would live in the country.

6. This soup isn’t very good. It would taste better if it wasn’t so salty.

7. I wouldn’t mind living in England if the weather was better.

8. If I were you, I wouln’t wait. I would go now.

9. You’re always tired, If you didn’t go to bed so late every night, you wouldn’t be tired all the time.

10. I think there are too many cars. If there weren’t so many cars, there wouldn’t be so much pollution.


2. If he spoke more clearly, people would understand him.

3. If the book weren’t so expensive, I would buy it.

4. If we could afford it, we would be out more often.

5. If it didn’t rain we would be able to have lunch in the garden.

6. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow I would meet you.


2. I wish I had one.

3. I wish I saw her/could see her.

4. I wish it was warmer.

5. I wish I didn’t live in the city/ I wish I lived in the country.

6. I wish I could go to the party.

7. I wish I could stay in bed.

8. I wish I knew something about cars.

9. I wish  I was lying on a beautiful sunny beach.


Own answers.


2. If he had missed it, he would have been late for his interview.

3. I would have forgotten if you hadn’t reminded me.

4. If I had had your address, I would have sent you a postcard.

5. It was OK, but we would have enjoyed it more if the weather had been better.

6. It would have been quicker if I had walked.

7. If I was tired, I’d go home now.

8. If I had been tired, I would have gone home earlier.


2. If the driver in front hadn’t stopped so suddently, the accident wouldn’t have happened.

3. If I had known that George had to get up early, I wouldn’t have woken him up.

4. I wouldn’t have been able to buy the car if Jim hadn’t lent me the money.

5. If she hadn’t worn a belt, she would have been injured in the accident.

6. If you had had some breakfast, you wouldn’t be hungry now.

7. I would have got a taxi if I had had some money on me.


2. I wish I had applied for the job.

3. I wish I had learned to play an instrument.

4. I wish I hadn’t painted the gate red.

5. I wish I had taken some photographs.

6. I wish they hadn’t come.


2. You would enjoy it.

3. You would have enjoyed it.

4. I would have phoned you last night…

5. She would be very pleased to see you.

6. Otherwise I would have stopped to talk.


2. He promised he wouldn’t write to me.

3. They promised they would wait for us.

4. You promised you wouldn’t tell him anything.


2. I wish he wouldn’t be late.

3. I wish the baby would stop crying.

4. I wish somebody would give me a job.

5. I wish you would weat some new clothes.

6. I wish you wouldn’t drive that fast.

7. I wish you wouldn’t leave the door open.

8. I wish people wouldn’t drop litter in the street.


2. Right

3. I wish I had more money.

4. I wish it wasn’t so cold today.

5. I wish the weather changed.

6. Right

7. I wish everything was cheaper.


2. Whenever a train went past, the house would shake

3. (…) he would always forget.

4. (…) she would share what she had with everyone else.


About Cristina Sánchez

I am an enthusiastic teacher at a school for girls in Madrid, Spain. After having experienced firsthand the great delight there is in teaching and learning and how much this opens doors worldwide, I now want to encourage my students to take English as an essential tool for life. With it I'm sure they will find their own way towards the understanding of new cultures, new people, and also of themselves, which will enable them to carry Orvalle and its values far, far away.


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