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First Certificate Exam




1. Multiple-choice cloze (text with 8 gaps and a choice of 4 answers for each gap)

2. Open cloze (text with 8 gaps to be completed with one word)

3. Word formation (text with 8 gaps to be completed with the correct form of a given word)

4. Key word transformation (gapped sentences which must be completed using a given word)

5. Multiple choice (text followed by multiple-choice questions with 4 options)

6. Gapped text (text from which sentences which have been removed. Replace them).

7. Multiple Matching (a text preceded by questions which require candidates to find specific information in a text)



1. Essay (you’re given an essay title and notes)

2. Writing task (article, letter, report, review…)



1. Multiple choice (short extracts and 3 options for each question)

2. Sentence completion (You listen to a monologue and write a word or short phrase to complete sentences)

3. Multiple Matching (5 short monologues related to a common theme. Candidates match extracts with prompts).

4. Multiple Choice (an interview or conversation and questions with 3 options each).



1. Interview (personal information in response to the questions from the interviewer).

2. Talking about photographs.

3. Collaborative (candidates are given instructions with written prompts which they use for discussion)

4. Further discussion (the interviewer leads a discussion which is related to the topic of part 3).



About Cristina Sánchez

I am an enthusiastic teacher at a school for girls in Madrid, Spain. After having experienced firsthand the great delight there is in teaching and learning and how much this opens doors worldwide, I now want to encourage my students to take English as an essential tool for life. With it I'm sure they will find their own way towards the understanding of new cultures, new people, and also of themselves, which will enable them to carry Orvalle and its values far, far away.


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