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PAU Exam- Tips

Here are some tips that will help you in your PAU exams. We will be discussing each of them in class, but as for now, stick to them and I’m sure you’ll benefit from it!!


– Write TRUE or FALSE, and not T or F.

– Justify your answer with a sentence from the text between commas (” “). Don’t forget to write the whole sentence, from beginning to end.


– Try to write in your own words in every possible way, but with common sense (that is, sometimes you’ll need to take some word from the text, too, and that would not be wrong either).


– Look for the same grammatical category you’re given and NEVER change it. That is: if you’re asked to look for a synonym of “fun”(adjective), you could write “enjoyable” (adjective), but not “enjoy” (verb), though meanings are related.


– If you consider there is more than one option to fill in the blanks, it is preferable that you write one word rather than two or more (“though” instead of “even though”, for instance).

– In the last sentence, identify the structure given and the one you’re asked to write, and then THINK and write.


– Structure your writings: leave margins and write 3 clearly differentiated, but related, paragraphs (=be clean, coherent and cohesive, making use of linking words, introductory phrases, etc.)
– Don’t give any new information in the last paragraph.
– Remember points are given for:
Grammatical correction. (Grammar)
Lexical ability/richness. (Vocabulary)
Good organization of your ideas. (Structure)
Maturity of ideas. (Thinking)


About Cristina Sánchez

I am an enthusiastic teacher at a school for girls in Madrid, Spain. After having experienced firsthand the great delight there is in teaching and learning and how much this opens doors worldwide, I now want to encourage my students to take English as an essential tool for life. With it I'm sure they will find their own way towards the understanding of new cultures, new people, and also of themselves, which will enable them to carry Orvalle and its values far, far away.


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