Passive and Causative

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Extra practice- Passive and Causative

A. 1. Was issued 2. Right. 3. Has… been confirmed. 4. Had been invited 5. Was invented. 6. Was discussed 7. Right. 8. Was invaded. 9. Right. 10. Being treated. 11. Were shown. 12. Right.   B. 1. Were found. 2. To be shown. 3. Were asked. 4. Being given. 5. Were written. 6. Is … Continue reading

Review of passive and causative structures

Here’s the powerpoint presentation that I showed you in class when I explained the different uses of passive and causative structures. Always remember that passive is more commonly used in English than in Spanish, and that the focus is on the action. Also, when rewriting an active sentence in passive, have a look at the … Continue reading

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