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PAU Exam- Tips

Here are some tips that will help you in your PAU exams. We will be discussing each of them in class, but as for now, stick to them and I’m sure you’ll benefit from it!! QUESTION 1: – Write TRUE or FALSE, and not T or F. – Justify your answer with a sentence from the … Continue reading

First Certificate Exam

  READING AND USE OF ENGLISH: 1. Multiple-choice cloze (text with 8 gaps and a choice of 4 answers for each gap) 2. Open cloze (text with 8 gaps to be completed with one word) 3. Word formation (text with 8 gaps to be completed with the correct form of a given word) 4. Key … Continue reading

Extra practice- Passive and Causative

A. 1. Was issued 2. Right. 3. Has… been confirmed. 4. Had been invited 5. Was invented. 6. Was discussed 7. Right. 8. Was invaded. 9. Right. 10. Being treated. 11. Were shown. 12. Right.   B. 1. Were found. 2. To be shown. 3. Were asked. 4. Being given. 5. Were written. 6. Is … Continue reading

Extra practice conditionals- Key

37.1. 3. would take 4. refused 5. wouldn’t get 6. closed down 7. pressed 8. would be 9. didn’t come 10. borrowed 11. walked 12. would understand 37.2 2. What would you do if your car was stolen? 3. What would you do if you lost your passport? 4. What would you do if there … Continue reading

Education around the world

Have a look at the different classes in different parts of the world, through pictures taken by photographer Julian Germain http://www.brainpickings.org/2012/08/20/classroom-portraits-julian-germain/ In about 20 minutes, discuss these pictures with your partner using as much vocabulary and speaking as much as possible. Some sample questions to talk about: – Do you think these children have an easy … Continue reading

Extra exercises on Modals- Key

Here’s the key to the exercises I gave you on modals. Check it all and make sure you solve all your doubts with your teacher! A. 1. speak; 2. Right; 3. be able to; 4. could/was able to; 5. could/was able to; 6. could; 7. have got; 8. Right; 9. Able; 10. play B. 1. … Continue reading

English Day preparation 2015

Dear students, ENGLISH DAY is really close!! We must get ready for it, so here’s the list of topics where you can choose from for your group work: Films: Mary Poppins The Sound of Music To kill a Mocking Bird The Man who shot Liberty Valance My Fair Lady Lawrence of Arabia The Great Escape … Continue reading

CAE Reading Paper 1 Part 3

Here are the answers to the third part of CAE Reading: 13C; 14B; 15D; 16D; 17A; 18B; 19C Hope you’ve done well!!

Getting ready to LISTEN!

Here’s a short list of links you can access to prepare for your coming Listening Exam. I will plan for you a listening activity on one of the listenings from the following links, which will require from you to get used to this kind of speeches and to listen to some of them before the … Continue reading

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